A Storm and Family Game Night

June 17, 2016

Today was a good day.

Even though it was a sleeping in day, I was up with the sun, ready to start the day. I did some writing about my love, my “Man of Substance“, and then researched some fibromyalgia articles.

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After breakfast and coffee, I took Timothy to his job interview. He got the job! Yes! Three months of unemployment has come to an end. Praise God!

We took our kids to the water park for a bit, but decided to cut it short when they become intimidated by too many kids. I don’t blame them. I was feeling the same way. Too many people, too much activity. I was slowly becoming overwhelmed with anxiety, but was doing my best to hold it together for the kids to have fun. When they expressed their concerns about it being crowded, I was not hesitated to pack it up.

I had a great time, but being in the sun was exhausting. I feel completely drained after trips outside in the sun. It sucks the energy right out of me.

I did some more writing when we got home because writing makes me feel better. It makes me feel as though I’m facing my ailments head on. I don’t know. I’m weird, I guess.

Shortly after a dinner, an unexpected storm hit our area. The lights flickered on and off, so Timothy and I decided to have an impromptu Family Game Night. I love playing board games with the kiddos! Ours can pass in a blink of an eye. we laugh, talk, and listen to music. We really enjoy our time, and tonight was no different.

Now it’s time to continue reading A Painted House, then watch some more episodes of ABC’s Lost.

I hope to remember the Serenity lotion tonight because I didn’t sleep well without it last night.

Disclaimer: Please understand that everyone is different in their journey with fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness. This is my journey, my stories, my vulnerability to share with you in order to help in some way. It is in no way to compare my journey with yours or to minimize your pains, feelings, or experiences. Please do not comment with any negativity.

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