Trying to Be a Good Friend

June 16, 2016

It’s been another long and painful day. It started out well enough. I got some work done on this site, wrote a little for my site, Being Fibro Mom, cleaned the kitchen, and started on the piles of laundry in the upstairs hallway since my husband was not home. He usually is the one to take care of the housework while I do some writing.

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My husband left earlier this morning to go to the emergency room for a persistent sore throat that renders him speechless. We are veterans, and we cannot simply call our physician to be seen even though we have medical coverage through the VA. It’s absurd the hoops you have to jump through to be seen on a regular basis, much less at an urgent basis. Even me as a disabled veteran has a hard time to be seen outside the once-a-year annual exam.

When he returned, shortly before lunch, he said that the use of Afrin has caused his throat to become inflamed and infected. The physician strongly urged him to STOP using it because it’s terrible for the sinuses. My husband has been using it for seven years, and for seven years I’ve been telling him to stop. After the third physician has told him to stop and the effects of it on his sinuses, he is stopping. There is a withdrawal process, but he’s determined to do it. This makes me happy.

Having five kids in the house during the week is overwhelming. I know it doesn’t seem like much to have one more kid added to my already four, but it makes a huge difference to someone with sensory sensitivities and struggles with anxiety on a daily basis. I do my best to be understanding of the kids’ volumes and playful natures, but it’s hard to cope with at times.

I’m trying to be patient with so many kids. I know that the fifth kid is only temporary and only four days out of the week, and I keep in mind it’s a favor for a good friend. I try to be the friend that I want to have. That if I was ever placed in a situation where I needed someone, I would have someone. It’s still overwhelming most of the days.

After the kids tripped on my laptop cord and nearly sent my laptop flying off my desk, I decided to take a break from writing to do some laundry. As I was bending over to move my daughter’s laundry basket from the laundry room to her room, I misjudged the clearance and nailed my head on the edge of the door frame. I took a moment to gather my bearings and not pass out. Fighting the tears, I breathed deeply and exhaled slowly. Once the pain subsided a bit, I took some Motrin to ward off any headache the hit may have caused.

So far, so good.

I managed to cook a good dinner despite the events of the late afternoon, but now I am snuggled in bed. I’m going to read A Painted House by John Grisham, then watch a few episodes of ABC’s Lost. I know, I know – I’m outdated with the show. We just started watching it on Netflix last week. So far, it’s great!

Disclaimer: Please understand that everyone is different in their journey with fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness. This is my journey, my stories, my vulnerability to share with you in order to help in some way. It is in no way to compare my journey with yours or to minimize your pains, feelings, or experiences. Please do not comment with any negativity.

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