Fibromyalgia is Lonely

October 13, 2017 Twice in one week I’ve been excluded from an outing with my friends. I have to decline and cancel so many social events due to my illness that it’s at a point where I simply don’t get invited any more. It’s assumed I can’t make it for whatever reason. But whatever the […]

May 30, 2017 Today my husband and I took our kids to my mom’s new house to go swimming in her newly repaired pool. Her ‘new’ house is actually not new at all. It is my grandmother’s house and is the house I grew up in with my mom, dad, and sisters. It’s old, needs […]

April 25, 2017 Food, food, food. We need it to live, yet it feels like it’s killing me. Everything I eat hurts my stomach, it seems. The things I can eat seems to be consumed too fast and there’s never enough. I hate food. What an inconvenience it is. It takes time to decide what […]

April 25, 2017 I need a vacation from me. Just writing it makes me feel both joy and sorrow. A day from me and my body, my symptoms, my worries – me. If I could live just one day from all the illness, headaches, worries, and burdens, I would feel free. Almost as though I […]

June 17, 2016 Today was a good day. Even though it was a sleeping in day, I was up with the sun, ready to start the day. I did some writing about my love, my “Man of Substance“, and then researched some fibromyalgia articles. This post contains affiliate links at NO extra costs to you. […]