February 12, 2015 Today was a mild flare day. It started out with a low pain morning. A little stiffness and headache preceded by a terrible night of sleep. Well, lack of sleep. This post contains affiliate links at NO extra costs to you. full disclosure policy I was on edge most of the morning, […]

February 11, 2015 Today was a high pain day with a slight headache and stomach pains that just would not go away. In the morning, I spent two hours shopping at CostCo with my sister and three of my four children. It was followed by unloading all the purchased goods into my apartment on the […]

February 10, 2015 I’m too tired to write. I’m sending all my negative thoughts and pain into the universe with the small bit of energy I have left in me. Good night. Disclaimer:┬áPlease understand that everyone is different in their journey with fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness. This is my journey, my stories, my vulnerability to […]

February 9, 2015 Today was a crazy busy day. It started sort of crummy, but was okay at the end of the day. To start the day, all four of our children woke up with fevers and sinus congestion. Not fun for anyone. After a quick doctors visit, my husband went to work and I […]

February 8, 2015 Today was a low pain day. It may be a low pain day because yesterday was a low stress and relaxation day. It may be that I got to sleep in. Or it may be that my eating and sleeping have improved lately so today resulted in a low pain day. Whatever […]