Cycles and Flares

March 6, 2015

Today was a flare day. I started my cycle last night so of course today was a painful day.

I’ve never thought about researching if there is a connection between fibromyalgia and difficult menstrual cycles. I always have a painful cycle that includes severe back pains, unbearable cramps, headaches, and all over body aches. It’s like a flare, but increased cramping.

Everything flares when I’m menstruating. My stomach is my sensitive, mood swings more drastic, and depression returns for a bit. It’s most uncomfortable.

Tomorrow we have plans to be outdoors walking. I’m hoping the walk will ease my pain.

Good night

Disclaimer: Please understand that everyone is different in their journey with fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness. This is my journey, my stories, my vulnerability to share with you in order to help in some way. It is in no way to compare my journey with yours or to minimize your pains, feelings, or experiences. Please do not comment with any negativity.

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