On Edge

February 12, 2015

Today was a mild flare day. It started out with a low pain morning. A little stiffness and headache preceded by a terrible night of sleep. Well, lack of sleep.

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I was on edge most of the morning, but had essential errands to run. I grit my teeth through the necessities, but looked forward to a Target shopping trip coupled with a Starbucks run. It was fun and took my mind of the flare that was slowly getting worse by the hour.

I was hurting by the kids’ nap time came around, so I took an extra shot of cherry juice and pushed myself to do a few hours of writing.

Then there was the issue to address with my sister. I gave her a call and we walked to the park to chit chat. The talk went great and I felt much better at the end of it. I felt my stress level go down a bit and that was some relief.

And just when I thought I could take a breather on the couch to rest my aching legs and feet, my dad called to say he was available to help me get my kids’ mattresses. Insert frowny face.

Needless to say, dinner was picked up from the local deli paired with a bowl of fresh mixed fruit from CostCo. Voila! Dinner a la Fibro flare!

After dinner was eaten, three temper tantrums encountered, one cockroach confrontation, and the mattresses were in their new homes, I found refuge on the couch with Timothy and a movie (John Wickit was a good one).

That is when the full severity of my flare set in. Ouch!! I hurt.

My shoulders hurt. My right hip in my back has sharp stabbing pains. My right shoulder/neck is very tight with a burning sensation. My legs are throbbing and my feet ache. I use present tense because it all still hurts.

I’m currently under my heating blanket for the all over warmth to ease my muscles, but I can’t keep it on all night. I wish I could stay in bed all day tomorrow. I’m going to bed an hour later than usual and that’s not good on a night with a flare.

I wish tomorrow was Saturday or a day I could sleep in. I’m hurting so bad. I want to cry from the pain. My wrists ache and my fingers feel swollen. I’m going to have to sleep – what little I can.

Good night.

Disclaimer: Please understand that everyone is different in their journey with fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness. This is my journey, my stories, my vulnerability to share with you in order to help in some way. It is in no way to compare my journey with yours or to minimize your pains, feelings, or experiences. Please do not comment with any negativity.

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