Prayer for Healing

March 8, 2015

Today was a mild pain day.

My feet are aching agin, but I know that’s because of the flats I wore a portion of the day.

I was so happy to get back to church after five weeks of not attending. The sermon was perfect and spoke volumes to me. I made a prayer request for healing. Friday night’s cry of frustration was what made me pray for healing.

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I had terrible nightmares last night. I awoke sweating, crying, and unable to fall back to sleep. Changing the clocks ahead one hour didn’t help either. I awoke this morning not feeling refreshed or like I had slept a minute.

During the afternoon I took a two hour nap. I was hoping for peaceful sleep, but had bad dreams again. What is up with all the bad dreams lately?

Today I spoke with Timothy about something that has been on my mind. Often times I am in lots of pain by the time dinner time comes around. Because of this, I’m too tired and in pain to cook dinner. I ask him to pick up dinner on these nights. Here lately it’s becoming more and more often. I don’t like eating out largely because of the affects it has on my body. So today I told him that I don’t want to eat out on this days I’m in pain so I asked for his support of having sandwiches or something easy on those days.

I was relieved to have him say yes. I knew he would, but I wanted to be on the same page with it. It was imprinting to me. I like to have family dinners with fresh meals. When I can’t provide that I feel like I’m letting my family down or I’m not providing like a mom should.

I pray for a peaceful nights rest with no bad dreams.

Good night

Disclaimer: Please understand that everyone is different in their journey with fibromyalgia and/or chronic illness. This is my journey, my stories, my vulnerability to share with you in order to help in some way. It is in no way to compare my journey with yours or to minimize your pains, feelings, or experiences. Please do not comment with any negativity.

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